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About Us

Leach and Company has earned the reputation among users of air pollution control devices of providing quality products at the lowest possible price. In our fifth decade of fabricating a variety of specialty items for end users, such as co-generation power plants, steel mills, refineries, and paper mills, we build related duct work, dampers, scrubbers, and stacks.

Our modern, 87,000-square-foot plant is located on a seventeen-acre site in the Industrial Complex in Gadsden, Alabama, USA. Among the materials we utilize at our facility are carbon and stainless steel ranging from 11-gauge to 3-inch plate. We have twelve overhead cranes which provide an under-hook working height of 28 feet. Our operation capabilities include cnc cutting, bending, rolling, sawing, punching, drilling, welding, metal cleaning, sandblasting, and painting.

Our products pass rigorous in-process and final quality control inspections before loading for shipment. In-house testing and outside testing agencies are used when specified. We are certified to AWS and CWB welding standards.

Although we have a worldwide customer base, we continue to broaden our base through client satisfaction, experience, and increased capabilities. We solicit and welcome your inquiries concerning our operations and look forward to serving you.

W.D. Leach

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